Commit 5afa1858 authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge 🍵

Fix handling of pad probe info data for real

The miniobjects passed are never going to be writeable due to the
additional reference, but can safely be replaced.
parent 69e1fdd5
......@@ -19,8 +19,7 @@ use std::mem::transmute;
use std::ptr;
use glib::{IsA, StaticType};
use glib::translate::{ToGlib, FromGlib, from_glib, from_glib_none, from_glib_borrow,
use glib::translate::{ToGlib, FromGlib, from_glib, from_glib_none, from_glib_full};
use glib::source::CallbackGuard;
use glib_ffi::gpointer;
......@@ -165,12 +164,12 @@ unsafe extern "C" fn trampoline_pad_probe(
if (*data).type_ == Buffer::static_type().to_glib() {
data_type = Some(Buffer::static_type());
from_glib_borrow(data as *const ffi::GstBuffer),
from_glib_none(data as *const ffi::GstBuffer),
} else if (*data).type_ == BufferList::static_type().to_glib() {
data_type = Some(BufferList::static_type());
from_glib_borrow(data as *const ffi::GstBufferList),
from_glib_none(data as *const ffi::GstBufferList),
} else {
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