Verified Commit cc525cdf authored by Jordan Petridіs's avatar Jordan Petridіs 🌱

ci: ensure the registry cache and lockfile are up-to-date

We are caching the CARGO_HOME which includes git repos of
the gtk-rs bindings. Since we don't specify a branch
so it uses the default branch for the ref.

cargo build usually does an update if it has network access,
but its not guaranteed or the case for other tools like clippy
which may still point to the stale git snapshot like here:
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......@@ -16,6 +16,12 @@ stages:
- source ./ci/
- mkdir .cargo && echo -e "[net]\ngit-fetch-with-cli = true" > .cargo/config
# If cargo exists assume we probably will want to update the lockfile
- |
if command -v cargo; then
cargo generate-lockfile
cargo update
key: "gst"
......@@ -41,14 +47,14 @@ stages:
- rustc --version
- cargo --version
- cargo build --all --color=always
- cargo build --locked --all --color=always
# FIXME: tests are broken
# - cargo test --all --color=always
- cargo build --all --all-features --color=always
# - cargo test --locked --all --color=always
- cargo build --locked --all --all-features --color=always
# FIXME: tests are broken
# - cargo test --all --all-features --color=always
# - cargo test --locked --all --all-features --color=always
# Run tests for crates we can currently run. The others
# need a new release of the C library first
......@@ -69,7 +75,7 @@ stages:
gstreamer-video-sys \
gstreamer-webrtc-sys; \
do \
cargo test -p $crate; \
cargo test --locked -p $crate; \
test stable:
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