Commit 8e49fa9f authored by Guillaume Gomez's avatar Guillaume Gomez Committed by Sebastian Dröge

Add gir submodule and automatic build script

parent a296d16b
[submodule "gir"]
path = gir
url =
#!/usr/bin/env python
from os import listdir
from os.path import isfile, join
from subprocess import call
import sys
need_rebuild = False
def update_workspace():
with open('Cargo.toml', 'r') as f:
old_lines = f.readlines()
lines = old_lines[:]
with open('Cargo.toml', 'w') as f:
lines.insert(len(lines) - 1, '"gir",')
success = True
call(['bash', '-c', 'cd gir && cargo build --release'])
success = False
with open('Cargo.toml', 'w') as f:
return success
if not isfile('./gir/src'):
need_rebuild = True
print('=> Initializing gir submodule...')
call(['bash', '-c', 'git submodule update --init'])
print('<= Done!')
question = 'Do you want to update gir submodule? [y/N]'
if sys.version_info[0] < 3:
line = raw_input(question)
line = input(question)
line = line.strip()
if line.lower() == 'n' or len(line) == 0:
need_rebuild = True
print('=> Updating gir submodule...')
call(['bash', '-c', 'cd gir && git reset --hard HEAD && git pull -f origin master'])
print('<= Done!')
if need_rebuild is True or not os.path.isfile('./gir/target/release/gir'):
print('=> Building gir...')
if update_workspace() is True:
print('<= Done!')
print('<= Failed...')
print('=> Regenerating crates...')
for entry in [f for f in listdir('.') if isfile(join('.', f))]:
if entry.startswith('Gir_Gst') and entry.endswith('.toml'):
print('==> Regenerating "{}"...'.format(entry))
call(['./target/release/gir', '-c', entry])
print('<== Done!')
print('<= Done!')
print("Don't forget to check if everything has been correctly generated!")
Subproject commit 01137358493a9e19382045c84a141273f7e29b46
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