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To explain how the development process works (how to update the
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# How to update the bindings
* Take the updated .gir files (e.g. from your gst-build checkout) and put
them in the gir-files directory
* In the gir-files directory, run ./
* In the GstVideo-1.0.gir file, the `GST_VIDEO_BUFFER_FLAG_ONEFIELD` and
`GST_VIDEO_FRAME_FLAG_ONEFIELD` flags are twice. This is a gir bug. Delete
the second one.
* If there is a new GStreamer version: Manually update `gst*/Cargo.toml` and
`gst*/` files. will mess these up.
* Run
* `git checkout gst*/Cargo.toml gst*/`
* Investigate the diff and fix any mess-ups
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