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Commit 1c667845 authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge 🍵
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parent bcc17efd
......@@ -405,8 +405,8 @@ The caller should free it with g_object_unref()</doc>
<doc xml:space="preserve">Retrieve the current value of the indicated @type.</doc>
<return-value transfer-ownership="none">
<doc xml:space="preserve">The current value of @type, Default: -1 "none"</doc>
<type name="GstVideo.VideoMultiviewMode"
<type name="GstVideo.VideoMultiviewFramePacking"
<instance-parameter name="player" transfer-ownership="none">
......@@ -733,8 +733,8 @@ value.</doc>
<parameter name="mode" transfer-ownership="none">
<doc xml:space="preserve">The new value for the @type</doc>
<type name="GstVideo.VideoMultiviewMode"
<type name="GstVideo.VideoMultiviewFramePacking"
......@@ -300,7 +300,7 @@ extern "C" {
pub fn gst_player_get_duration(player: *mut GstPlayer) -> gst::GstClockTime;
pub fn gst_player_get_media_info(player: *mut GstPlayer) -> *mut GstPlayerMediaInfo;
pub fn gst_player_get_multiview_flags(player: *mut GstPlayer) -> gst_video::GstVideoMultiviewFlags;
pub fn gst_player_get_multiview_mode(player: *mut GstPlayer) -> gst_video::GstVideoMultiviewMode;
pub fn gst_player_get_multiview_mode(player: *mut GstPlayer) -> gst_video::GstVideoMultiviewFramePacking;
pub fn gst_player_get_mute(player: *mut GstPlayer) -> gboolean;
pub fn gst_player_get_pipeline(player: *mut GstPlayer) -> *mut gst::GstElement;
pub fn gst_player_get_position(player: *mut GstPlayer) -> gst::GstClockTime;
......@@ -319,7 +319,7 @@ extern "C" {
pub fn gst_player_set_color_balance(player: *mut GstPlayer, type_: GstPlayerColorBalanceType, value: c_double);
pub fn gst_player_set_config(player: *mut GstPlayer, config: *mut gst::GstStructure) -> gboolean;
pub fn gst_player_set_multiview_flags(player: *mut GstPlayer, flags: gst_video::GstVideoMultiviewFlags);
pub fn gst_player_set_multiview_mode(player: *mut GstPlayer, mode: gst_video::GstVideoMultiviewMode);
pub fn gst_player_set_multiview_mode(player: *mut GstPlayer, mode: gst_video::GstVideoMultiviewFramePacking);
pub fn gst_player_set_mute(player: *mut GstPlayer, val: gboolean);
pub fn gst_player_set_rate(player: *mut GstPlayer, rate: c_double);
pub fn gst_player_set_subtitle_track(player: *mut GstPlayer, stream_index: c_int) -> gboolean;
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