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    rtsp-media: Handle set state when preparing. · 1fd49d36
    Göran Jönsson authored
    Handle the situation when  a call to gst_rtsp_media_set_state is done
    when media status is preparing.
    Also add unit test for this scenario.
    The unit test simulate on a media level when two clients share a (live)
    Both clients have done SETUP and got responses. Now client 1 is doing
    play and client 2 is just closing the connection.
    Then without patch there are a problem when
    client1 is calling gst_rtsp_media_unsuspend in handle_play_request.
    And client2 is doing closing connection we can end up in a call
    to gst_rtsp_media_set_state when
    priv->status == GST_RTSP_MEDIA_STATUS_PREPARING and all the logic for
    shut down media is jumped over .
    With this patch and this scenario we wait until
    priv->status == GST_RTSP_MEDIA_STATUS_PREPARED and then continue to
    execute after that and now we will execute the logic for
    shut down media.
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