Commit f3412691 authored by Srimanta Panda's avatar Srimanta Panda Committed by Sebastian Dröge

rtsp-client: suspend media during setup request

SETUP request from clients needs to suspend the media to clear the
prerolled buffers. Otherwise it will not affect the prerolled buffer
and the prerolled buffers will be incorrect (for example block-size
from setup request will not affect the prerolled buffer unless the
media is suspended).
parent 0be5839b
......@@ -1823,6 +1823,9 @@ handle_setup_request (GstRTSPClient * client, GstRTSPContext * ctx)
if (sessmedia == NULL) {
/* get a handle to the configuration of the media in the session */
media = find_media (client, ctx, path, &matched);
/* need to suspend the media, if the protocol has changed */
if (media != NULL)
gst_rtsp_media_suspend (media);
} else {
if ((media = gst_rtsp_session_media_get_media (sessmedia)))
g_object_ref (media);
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