Commit 0be5839b authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge 🍵

rtsp-stream: Only create RTP sending/receiving rtpbin pads if needed

Adding them when not needed will start some logic inside rtpbin that might be
problematic. Also if e.g. for a sender media we suddenly receive RTP data, we
would start up a rtpjitterbuffer and behave in weird ways.

We still set up the UDP sources for RTP receiving for a sender media to be
able to receive any packets sent by the client for NAT traversal. They will
all go to a fakesink though.

Having an rtpjitterbuffer in the media pipeline will cause the pipeline to be
NO_PREROLL, which will cause deadlocks when seeking the media as it will never
receive ASYNC_DONE after a seek.
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