Commit dd1b600d authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge 🍵

Revert "rtsp-server: Switch around sendonly/recvonly attributes"

This reverts commit 3d275b13.

While RFC 3264 (SDP) says that sendonly/recvonly are from the point of view of
the requester, the actual RTSP RFCs (RFC 2326 / 7826) disagree and say
the opposite, just like the ONVIF standard.

Let's follow those RFCs as we're doing RTSP here, and add a property at
a later time if needed to switch to the SDP RFC behaviour.
parent b6be3ac9
......@@ -134,12 +134,12 @@ gst_rtsp_onvif_media_setup_sdp (GstRTSPMedia * media, GstSDPMessage * sdp,
if (sinkpad) {
GstRTSPOnvifMedia *onvif_media = GST_RTSP_ONVIF_MEDIA (media);
gst_sdp_media_add_attribute (smedia, "recvonly", "");
gst_sdp_media_add_attribute (smedia, "sendonly", "");
if (onvif_media->priv->backchannel_bandwidth > 0)
gst_sdp_media_add_bandwidth (smedia, GST_SDP_BWTYPE_AS,
} else {
gst_sdp_media_add_attribute (smedia, "sendonly", "");
gst_sdp_media_add_attribute (smedia, "recvonly", "");
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