Commit 21a885d4 authored by Edward Hervey's avatar Edward Hervey

testsuite: Add a make command to run tests forever

And will stop once they fail. Useful to debug racy tests.
parent 4e4393c4
......@@ -114,6 +114,13 @@ TESTS_ENVIRONMENT = PYTHONPATH=$(top_builddir):$(top_builddir)/gst/.libs:`pwd`:$
@PYTHONPATH=$(top_builddir):$(top_builddir)/gst/.libs:`pwd`:$(top_srcdir):$(PYTHONPATH) $(PYTHON) $(srcdir)/ $*
@rm -fr *.pyc
%.forever: %
@PYTHONPATH=$(top_builddir):$(top_builddir)/gst/.libs:`pwd`:$(top_srcdir):$(PYTHONPATH) $(PYTHON) $(srcdir)/
@while true; do \
PYTHONPATH=$(top_builddir):$(top_builddir)/gst/.libs:`pwd`:$(top_srcdir):$(PYTHONPATH) \
$(PYTHON) $(srcdir)/ $* || break; done
@rm -fr *.pyc
# valgrind all tests
valgrind: $(tests)
@echo "Valgrinding tests ..."
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