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    examples/gstreamer/filesrc.py,player.py: New examples · a37dede0
    Johan Dahlin authored
    Original commit message from CVS:
    * examples/gstreamer/filesrc.py,player.py: New examples
    * gstreamer/gstreamer.override: Add a dict like interface to GstTagList
    * gstreamer/gstpad-handlers.override: New file, split out from gstreamer.override
    * gstreamer/gst-types.defs: Don't use
    gst_buffer_free/gst_data_free, use gst_data_unref instead.
    * gstreamer/gst-types.c (PyGstData_to_value): Don't send address here.
    * gstreamer/arg-types.py (GstDataPtrArg.write_param): Send the
    address to stuff, since we really want to avoid segfaults :)
    * gstreamer/0.6.[c,defs,h,override]: Remove, we're focusing on 0.7
    * gstreamer/0.7.[c,defs,h,override]: Remove, merge with
    * gstreamer/Makefile.am: Clean up, remove versioning support.
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