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    gst/gstmodule.c (init_gst): Add constants for GST_*SECOND. · 15f1eb48
    Johan Dahlin authored
    Original commit message from CVS:
    * gst/gstmodule.c (init_gst): Add constants for GST_*SECOND.
    (python_do_pending_calls): New idler handler, similar to pygtk, so
    python events (eg KeyboardInterrupt) can be raised during mainloop
    * gst/gst.override (_wrap_gst_bin_get_list):
    (_wrap_gst_pad_tp_repr, caps_length, caps_item)
    (structure_length, structure_subscript)
    (_wrap_gst_structure_tp_repr): Impl.
    (_wrap_gst_main): Override with threading blocking.
    * gst/gst-types.defs (Object): add flags field.
    (Structure): Add copy/release funcs
    * gst/__init__.py (devloc): Don't initialize threads
    * gst/Makefile.am: clean up
    * examples/gst/player.py: Prettify and simplify. Uses GstThread now.
    * examples/gstplay/player.py: Update to new api and make it work.
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