Commit 7aa94395 authored by David I. Lehn's avatar David I. Lehn

removed (generated from docs/*)

Original commit message from CVS:
removed (generated from docs/*)
parent 26d48de1
The gst-python AUTHORS list is maintained at docs/gst-python.xml#authors.
......@@ -9,6 +9,8 @@
* docs/gst-python.xml: removed (split into partial files)
* README, AUTHORS, NEWS, TODO: removed (generated from docs/*)
2003-06-26 David I. Lehn <>
The gst-python NEWS is maintained at docs/gst-python.xml#news.
The gst-python README is maintained in doc/gst-python.xml.
The gst-python TODO list is maintained at docs/gst-python.xml#todo.
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