Commit 57f2b067 authored by David I. Lehn's avatar David I. Lehn

add TODO list

Original commit message from CVS:
add TODO list
parent b72cfe8a
2003-02-10 David I. Lehn <>
* TODO: add TODO list
2003-02-08 David I. Lehn <>
* gstreamer/ make distcheck fixification
gst-python TODO
- handle more of the functions that need manual wrapping code
- add check that pygtk built with --enable-thread
- improve Python gstreamer.Element creation
- perhaps make drop _set_foo_function() calls in favor of object methods
- sane buffer handling with buffer type or Numeric?
- docs
- API ref
- manual
- tutorial
- more examples
- convert build system to distutils
- wrap other GStreamer helper libs
- add some standard widgets
- gtk video widget (similar to widget gst-player is using)
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