Commit 7137d3d3 authored by Charlie Turner's avatar Charlie Turner

rav1enc: PixelRange::Unspecified was removed.

1f8f62a04dca13302ccef6371ec5211a001ed356 in rav1e removed this
enumeration. They changed the default value from Unspecified to
Limited, so that's what I've done here as well.
parent 4b4a2798
......@@ -475,8 +475,7 @@ impl VideoEncoderImpl for Rav1Enc {
pixel_range: match video_info.colorimetry().range() {
gst_video::VideoColorRange::Range0255 => color::PixelRange::Full,
gst_video::VideoColorRange::Range16235 => color::PixelRange::Limited,
_ => color::PixelRange::Unspecified,
_ => color::PixelRange::Limited,
color_description: {
let matrix = match video_info.colorimetry().matrix() {
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