1. 21 Oct, 2020 3 commits
  2. 20 Oct, 2020 1 commit
  3. 28 Sep, 2020 3 commits
  4. 27 Sep, 2020 3 commits
    • Seungha Yang's avatar
      rtspsrc: Don't return TRUE for unhandled query · 3b48d728
      Seungha Yang authored
      Expected return value for unhandled query is FALSE
      Part-of: <!752>
    • Thibault Saunier's avatar
      rtspsrc: Avoid stack overflow recursing waiting for response · 2d52e4ac
      Thibault Saunier authored
      Instead of recursing, simply implement a loop with gotos, the same
      way it was done before 81217528
      Fixes #710
      Part-of: <!751>
    • Håvard Graff's avatar
      rtpbin: fix shutdown crash in rtpbin · 43ccc517
      Håvard Graff authored
      The key is to make sure the jitterbuffer is set to NULL *before* the
      The race that existed would basically happen when ptdemux had reached
      READY, and the jitterbuffer would then push a buffer, triggering a new
      pad with a new payloadtype being added and ghosted to the rtpbin itself.
      However, the srcpad of the ptdemux would now be inactive, and all the
      sticky-event pushed on it would be swallowed, not allowing any to reach
      the ghost-pad. Then the buffer in-flight would come to the ghostpad,
      and we would assert that a buffer arrived before the necessary
      By simply re-ordering the state-changes, we ensure that there will be
      no buffer racing into the ptdemux while its state is being changed,
      and the problem disappears completely.
      Notice also that there is not point in disconnecting the signals on the
      ptdemux before this point, since we need the push-thread to settle
      down before we can do this in a non-racy way.
      Part-of: <!443>
  5. 25 Sep, 2020 12 commits
  6. 24 Sep, 2020 1 commit
    • Yuki Okumura's avatar
      jack: Use jack_free(3) to release ports · 9d3ec558
      Yuki Okumura authored
      Port objects acquired with jack_get_ports() need to be freed with
      jack_free(3), not stdlib free().
      On Windows, Jack may be linked against different libc than GStreamer
      libraries so free()ing port objects directly might cause crash because
      of libc mismatch.
      Part-of: <!737>
  7. 07 Jun, 2020 1 commit
    • Jennifer Berringer's avatar
      flacparse: fix broken reordering of flac metadata · 07e0e8ff
      Jennifer Berringer authored
      Each FLAC metadata block starts with a flag denoting whether it is the
      last metadata block. The existing flacparse code moves any existing
      VORBISCOMMENT block to immediately follow the STREAMINFO block without
      changing any block's last-metadata-block flag. If no VORBISCOMMENT block
      exists, it created one with the last-metadata-block flag set to true.
      This results in gstflacdec sometimes giving bad headers to libflac when
      trying to play perfectly valid FLAC files depending on the file's
      metadata ordering. Depending on the contents of the other metadata
      blocks, current versions of libflac may or may not return
      metadata. This is most noticeable with files that have a large cover art
      image attached where VORBISCOMMENT is the very last metadata block with
      no PADDING afterwards.
      This patch changes that behavior so that:
      1. For FLAC files that already have a VORBISCOMMENT block, the metadata
         order is preserved.
      2. For FLAC files that do not have a VORBISCOMMENT block, the generated
         dummy VORBISCOMMENT is placed immediately after STREAMINFO and
         inherits the last-metadata-block flag from STREAMINFO.
  8. 06 Jun, 2020 1 commit
    • Nicolas Pernas Maradei's avatar
      rtpsession: rename RTCP thread · c53fd4ea
      Nicolas Pernas Maradei authored
      RTP session starts a new thread for RTCP and names it
      "rtpsession-rtcp-thread" which happens to be longer than the maximum 16B
      allowed by pthread_setname_np and causes the naming to fail.
      See docs for more details.
      This commit simply shortens the thread's name so it can actually be set.
  9. 13 Mar, 2020 3 commits
  10. 10 Feb, 2020 1 commit
    • Alexander Lapajne's avatar
      rtspsrc: Fix for segmentation fault when handling set/get_parameter requests · d73cda4f
      Alexander Lapajne authored
      gstrtspsrc uses a queue, set_get_param_q, to store set param and get
      param requests. The requests are put on the queue by calling
      get_parameters() and set_parameter(). A thread which executs in
      gst_rtspsrc_thread() then pops requests from the queue and processes
      them. The crash occured because the queue became empty and a NULL
      request object was then used. The reason that the queue became empty
      is that it was popped even when the thread was NOT processing a get
      parameter or set parameter command. The fix is to make sure that the
      queue is ONLY popped when the command being processed is a set
      parameter or get parameter command.
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