Commit e4f38c98 authored by Nicolas Dufresne's avatar Nicolas Dufresne
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rtph264depay: Forward the marker bit as buffer flag

We have a buffer flag to represent the marker bit (when present).
Forward this bit by setting the buffer flag accordingly.
parent 13278fbc
......@@ -944,6 +944,9 @@ gst_rtp_h264_depay_handle_nal (GstRtpH264Depay * rtph264depay, GstBuffer * nal,
if (marker)
gst_rtp_base_depayload_push (depayload, outbuf);
......@@ -1040,8 +1043,8 @@ gst_rtp_h264_depay_process (GstRTPBaseDepayload * depayload, GstRTPBuffer * rtp)
/* at least one byte header with type */
header_len = 1;
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (rtph264depay, "NRI %d, Type %d", nal_ref_idc,
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (rtph264depay, "NRI %d, Type %d %s", nal_ref_idc,
nal_unit_type, marker ? "marker" : "");
/* If FU unit was being processed, but the current nal is of a different
* type. Assume that the remote payloader is buggy (didn't set the end bit
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