Commit c2a0da80 authored by Alicia Boya García's avatar Alicia Boya García Committed by Thibault Saunier

qtdemux: Allow edit lists on fragmented files on push mode

Fragmented files often use elst.duration=0 which before
ee78825e was wrongly interpreted as
having no frames.

Since that issue has now been fixed, there is no reason to disable edit
lists in fragmented files. This commit enables them, therefore producing
correct stream time for files containing edit lists.
parent 5388d6e6
......@@ -6857,12 +6857,8 @@ gst_qtdemux_process_adapter (GstQTDemux * demux, gboolean force)
demux->got_moov = TRUE;
if (demux->fragmented) {
gst_qtdemux_check_send_pending_segment (demux);
} else {
gst_event_replace (&demux->pending_newsegment, NULL);
gst_qtdemux_map_and_push_segments (demux, &demux->segment);
gst_event_replace (&demux->pending_newsegment, NULL);
gst_qtdemux_map_and_push_segments (demux, &demux->segment);
if (demux->moov_node_compressed) {
g_node_destroy (demux->moov_node_compressed);
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