Commit 94b8f0b7 authored by David Schleef's avatar David Schleef

matroskaparse: fix parsing

Mark more parts as belonging to streamheaders.
parent 7a7db8cb
......@@ -2756,7 +2756,7 @@ gst_matroska_parse_parse_id (GstMatroskaParse * parse, guint32 id,
GST_READ_CHECK (gst_matroska_parse_take (parse, read, &ebml));
ret = gst_matroska_read_common_parse_metadata (&parse->common,
GST_ELEMENT_CAST (parse), &ebml);
gst_matroska_parse_output (parse, ebml.buf, FALSE);
gst_matroska_parse_accumulate_streamheader (parse, ebml.buf);
GST_READ_CHECK (gst_matroska_parse_take (parse, read, &ebml));
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