Commit 5bb4dcd8 authored by Tim-Philipp Müller's avatar Tim-Philipp Müller

soup: fix start/stop race in souphttpclientsink

Fix crash or hang in generic/states unit test when doing stop()
right after start(). Create main loop in the start function already
and not just in the thread function, so that stop() always has a
valid main loop to quit on. Also, calling g_main_loop_quit() before
g_main_loop_run() won't work and result in the stop function waiting
for the thread to join forever. Therefore, wait for the thread to
be ready and get the main loop running in the start() function, to
be sure stop() always works.
parent a6509180
......@@ -450,6 +450,20 @@ gst_soup_http_client_sink_get_times (GstBaseSink * sink, GstBuffer * buffer,
static gboolean
thread_ready_idle_cb (gpointer data)
GstSoupHttpClientSink *souphttpsink = GST_SOUP_HTTP_CLIENT_SINK (data);
GST_LOG_OBJECT (souphttpsink, "thread ready");
g_mutex_lock (souphttpsink->mutex);
g_cond_signal (souphttpsink->cond);
g_mutex_unlock (souphttpsink->mutex);
return FALSE; /* only run once */
static gpointer
thread_func (gpointer ptr)
......@@ -457,7 +471,6 @@ thread_func (gpointer ptr)
GST_DEBUG ("thread start");
souphttpsink->loop = g_main_loop_new (souphttpsink->context, TRUE);
g_main_loop_run (souphttpsink->loop);
GST_DEBUG ("thread quit");
......@@ -473,13 +486,30 @@ gst_soup_http_client_sink_start (GstBaseSink * sink)
if (souphttpsink->prop_session) {
souphttpsink->session = souphttpsink->prop_session;
} else {
GSource *source;
GError *error = NULL;
souphttpsink->context = g_main_context_new ();
/* set up idle source to signal when the main loop is running and
* it's safe for ::stop() to call g_main_loop_quit() */
source = g_idle_source_new ();
g_source_set_callback (source, thread_ready_idle_cb, sink, NULL);
g_source_attach (source, souphttpsink->context);
g_source_unref (source);
souphttpsink->loop = g_main_loop_new (souphttpsink->context, TRUE);
g_mutex_lock (souphttpsink->mutex);
souphttpsink->thread = g_thread_create (thread_func, souphttpsink,
TRUE, &error);
GST_LOG_OBJECT (souphttpsink, "waiting for main loop thread to start up");
g_cond_wait (souphttpsink->cond, souphttpsink->mutex);
g_mutex_unlock (souphttpsink->mutex);
GST_LOG_OBJECT (souphttpsink, "main loop thread running");
souphttpsink->session =
soup_session_async_new_with_options (SOUP_SESSION_ASYNC_CONTEXT,
souphttpsink->context, SOUP_SESSION_USER_AGENT,
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