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    qtdemux: No need for new "application/x-cbcs" caps · ce0be27c
    Yacine Bandou authored and GStreamer Marge Bot's avatar GStreamer Marge Bot committed
    Instead of using the new "application/x-cbcs" caps, we are just adding
    a new structure field "ciphe-mode", to indicate which encryption scheme
    is used: "cenc", "cbcs", "cbc1" or "cens".
    Similarly for the protection metadata, we add the "cipher-mode" field
    to specify the encryption mode with which the buffers are encrypted.
    "cenc": AES-CTR (no pattern)
    "cbc1": AES-CBC (no pattern)
    "cens": AES-CTR (pattern specified)
    "cbcs": AES-CBC (pattern specified, using a constant IV)
    Currently only "cenc" and "cbcs" are supported.
    Part-of: <!1013>