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    Change how win32/common/config.h is updated · 80510aee
    David Schleef authored
    Generate win32/common/config.h-new directly from config.h.in,
    using shell variables in configure and some hard-coded information.
    Change top-level makefile so that 'make win32-update' copies the
    generated file to win32/common/config.h, which we keep in source
    control.  It's kept in source control so that the git tree is
    buildable from VS.
    This change is similar to the one recently applied to GStreamer
    and gst-plugins-good.  The previous config.h file in -good was in
    pretty bad shape, so unlike core and base, I didn't attempt to
    leave it strictly the same, but fixed it as necessary.  Needs
    testing I cannot do myself.
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