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    videodecoder: remove useless code in negotiate_default_caps() · f5a11645
    Guillaume Desmottes authored
    gst_video_decoder_negotiate_default_caps() is meant to pick a default output
    format when we need one earlier because of an incoming GAP.
    It tries to use the input caps as a base if available and fallback to a default
    format (I420 1280x720@30) for the missing fields.
    But the framerate and pixel-aspect were not explicitly passed to
    gst_video_decoder_set_output_state() which is solely relying on the input format
    as reference to get the framerate anx pixel-aspect-ratio.
    So there is no need to manually handling those two fields as
    gst_video_decoder_set_output_state() will already use the ones from
    upstream if available, and they will be ignored anyway if there are not.
    This also prevent confusing debugging output where we claim to use a
    specific framerate while actually none was set.
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