Commit b5f936d4 authored by Song Bing's avatar Song Bing Committed by Tim-Philipp Müller

playsink: Set ts-offset to text sink.

Find right text sink to set the ts-offset.
parent 271a511a
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......@@ -4058,13 +4058,18 @@ update_text_offset (GstPlaySink * playsink)
gint64 text_offset;
GstPlayTextChain *tchain;
GstElement *elem;
text_offset = playsink->text_offset;
tchain = (GstPlayTextChain *) playsink->textchain;
if (tchain) {
if (tchain->sink) {
g_object_set (tchain->sink, "ts-offset", text_offset, NULL);
elem =
gst_play_sink_find_property_sinks (playsink, tchain->sink,
"ts-offset", G_TYPE_INT64);
if (elem)
g_object_set (elem, "ts-offset", text_offset, NULL);
} else if (tchain->overlay) {
g_object_set (tchain->overlay, "subtitle-ts-offset", text_offset, NULL);
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