Commit b2d68934 authored by Göran Jönsson's avatar Göran Jönsson Committed by Tim-Philipp Müller

rtpsconnection: Fix number of n_vectors

Body_offset mean that so much data have been written.

Without this patch n_vectors somtimes  becomes one more than it should
and then there will be an vector that have a random size causing
writev_bytes to cause a "Bad address" error.
parent 2bd11070
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......@@ -3871,7 +3871,7 @@ gst_rtsp_source_dispatch_write (GPollableOutputStream * stream,
GstMemory *mem = gst_buffer_peek_memory (msg->body_buffer, m);
/* Skip all memories we already wrote */
if (offset + mem->size < msg->body_offset) {
if (offset + mem->size <= msg->body_offset) {
offset += mem->size;
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