Commit ad4109db authored by Matthew Waters's avatar Matthew Waters 🐨 Committed by Tim-Philipp Müller

glshader: port element to GstGLSLStage

- Provide a shader property to set the full shader pipeline
- Provide vertex and fragment properties for just providing simple
  shader sources.
parent f688a8f0
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......@@ -37,11 +37,15 @@ typedef struct _GstGLFilterShaderClass GstGLFilterShaderClass;
struct _GstGLFilterShader
GstGLFilter filter;
GstGLShader *shader0;
int compiled;
gchar *filename;
gchar *presetfile;
int texSet;
/* properties */
GstGLShader *shader_prop;
gchar *vertex;
gchar *fragment;
GstStructure *uniforms;
GstGLShader *shader;
gboolean new_source;
gdouble time;
gint attr_position_loc;
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