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    tags: update to latest iso-code and support more languages · 1ce61b1b
    Mathieu Duponchelle authored and GStreamer Marge Bot's avatar GStreamer Marge Bot committed
    Some languages have an ISO 639-2 representation but no 639-1
    representation, for example where "eng" has a two-letter
    equivalent in "en", "enm" doesn't have one.
    Discarding those languages from our static table caused functions
    such as gst_tag_get_language_code_iso_639_2T() or
    gst_tag_get_language_code_iso_639_2B() to return NULL for
    valid language codes such as "enm", potentially causing users
    of these API such as mpegtsmux to discard language code tags
    as invalid.
    Part-of: <!785>