Commit e47bd848 authored by Antonio Ospite's avatar Antonio Ospite Committed by Tim-Philipp Müller

rtpbasepayload: print list size in log output instead of -1

It is weird to see "Preparing to push packet with size 4294967295" in
the logs, so print the list length in case of a buffer list.
parent 9ff50195
......@@ -1254,9 +1254,11 @@ gst_rtp_base_payload_prepare_push (GstRTPBasePayload * payload,
priv->next_seqnum = data.seqnum;
payload->timestamp = data.rtptime;
GST_LOG_OBJECT (payload, "Preparing to push packet with size %"
GST_LOG_OBJECT (payload, "Preparing to push %s with size %"
G_GSIZE_FORMAT ", seq=%d, rtptime=%u, pts %" GST_TIME_FORMAT,
(is_list) ? -1 : gst_buffer_get_size (GST_BUFFER (obj)),
(is_list) ? "list" : "packet",
(is_list) ? gst_buffer_list_length (GST_BUFFER_LIST_CAST (obj)) :
gst_buffer_get_size (GST_BUFFER (obj)),
payload->seqnum, data.rtptime, GST_TIME_ARGS (data.pts));
if (g_atomic_int_compare_and_exchange (&payload->
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