Commit 7d1f3db8 authored by Jan Schmidt's avatar Jan Schmidt Committed by Tim-Philipp Müller

Revert "gl: Use GstGLDisplayEGL directly instead of creating a GstGLDisplayVIVFb subclass"

This reverts commit 47fd4d391e775c11f529705bb0f457a9d25ba5e7.

This patch is incorrect. It doesn't actually compile, and causes a crash
because the viv-fb window implementation needs a native EGL handle
to pass to fbCreateWindow, but the GstGLDisplayEGL handleis actually
an EGLDisplay now (and gets cast to the wrong type)
parent bbe084de
......@@ -29,26 +29,75 @@
GST_DEBUG_CATEGORY_STATIC (gst_gl_display_debug);
#define GST_CAT_DEFAULT gst_gl_display_debug
G_DEFINE_TYPE (GstGLDisplayVivFB, gst_gl_display_viv_fb, GST_TYPE_GL_DISPLAY);
static void gst_gl_display_viv_fb_finalize (GObject * object);
static guintptr gst_gl_display_viv_fb_get_handle (GstGLDisplay * display);
static void
gst_gl_display_viv_fb_class_init (GstGLDisplayVivFBClass * klass)
GST_GL_DISPLAY_CLASS (klass)->get_handle =
GST_DEBUG_FUNCPTR (gst_gl_display_viv_fb_get_handle);
G_OBJECT_CLASS (klass)->finalize = gst_gl_display_viv_fb_finalize;
static void
gst_gl_display_viv_fb_init (GstGLDisplayVivFB * display_viv_fb)
GstGLDisplay *display = (GstGLDisplay *) display_viv_fb;
display->type = GST_GL_DISPLAY_TYPE_VIV_FB;
display_viv_fb->disp_idx = 0;
display_viv_fb->display = NULL;
static void
gst_gl_display_viv_fb_finalize (GObject * object)
GstGLDisplayVivFB *display_viv_fb = GST_GL_DISPLAY_VIV_FB (object);
if (display_viv_fb->display)
fbDestroyDisplay (display_viv_fb->display);
G_OBJECT_CLASS (gst_gl_display_viv_fb_parent_class)->finalize (object);
* gst_gl_display_viv_fb_new:
* @disp_idx: a display index
* Create a new #GstGLDisplay from the FB display index.
* Create a new #GstGLDisplayVivFB from the FB display index.
* Returns: (transfer full): a new #GstGLDisplayVivFB or %NULL
GstGLDisplayEGL *
GstGLDisplayVivFB *
gst_gl_display_viv_fb_new (gint disp_idx)
EGLDisplay display;
GstGLDisplayVivFB *display;
GST_DEBUG_CATEGORY_GET (gst_gl_display_debug, "gldisplay");
GST_DEBUG ("creating Vivante FB EGL display %d", disp_idx);
display = fbGetDisplayByIndex (disp_idx);
display = g_object_new (GST_TYPE_GL_DISPLAY_VIV_FB, NULL);
gst_object_ref_sink (display);
display->disp_idx = disp_idx;
display->display = fbGetDisplayByIndex (display->disp_idx);
if (!display->display) {
GST_ERROR ("Failed to open Vivante FB display %d", disp_idx);
return NULL;
GST_DEBUG ("Created Vivante FB EGL display %p", (gpointer) display->display);
gst_gl_display_egl_new_with_egl_display (eglGetDisplay (
(EGLNativeDisplayType) display));
return display;
static guintptr
gst_gl_display_viv_fb_get_handle (GstGLDisplay * display)
return (guintptr) GST_GL_DISPLAY_VIV_FB (display)->display;
......@@ -23,12 +23,44 @@
#include <gst/gst.h>
#include <gst/gl/egl/gstgldisplay_egl.h>
#include <gst/gl/gstgldisplay.h>
#include <gst/gl/egl/gstegl.h>
GstGLDisplayEGL *gst_gl_display_viv_fb_new (gint disp_idx);
GType gst_gl_display_viv_fb_get_type (void);
#define GST_TYPE_GL_DISPLAY_VIV_FB (gst_gl_display_viv_fb_get_type())
#define GST_GL_DISPLAY_VIV_FB_CAST(obj) ((GstGLDisplayVivFB*)(obj))
typedef struct _GstGLDisplayVivFB GstGLDisplayVivFB;
typedef struct _GstGLDisplayVivFBClass GstGLDisplayVivFBClass;
* GstGLDisplayVivFB:
* the contents of a #GstGLDisplayVivFB are private and should only be accessed
* through the provided API
struct _GstGLDisplayVivFB
GstGLDisplay parent;
/* <private> */
gint disp_idx;
EGLNativeDisplayType display;
struct _GstGLDisplayVivFBClass
GstGLDisplayClass object_class;
GstGLDisplayVivFB *gst_gl_display_viv_fb_new (gint disp_idx);
......@@ -75,6 +75,11 @@ gst_gl_window_viv_fb_egl_new (GstGLDisplay * display)
GstGLWindowVivFBEGL *window;
if ((gst_gl_display_get_handle_type (display) & GST_GL_DISPLAY_TYPE_VIV_FB) ==
/* we require a Vivante FB display to create windows */
return NULL;
window = g_object_new (GST_TYPE_GL_WINDOW_VIV_FB_EGL, NULL);
gst_object_ref_sink (window);
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