Commit 75f519ee authored by Michael Tretter's avatar Michael Tretter Committed by Tim-Philipp Müller

glupload: prevent segfault when updating caps

When the glupload element renegotiates the caps, set_caps will reset the
method_impl to NULL, but the method will be kept. transform_caps tries
to use the method_impl to transform the caps, because a method is set,
but will segfault.
parent 3cfe7a73
......@@ -1714,6 +1714,7 @@ _gst_gl_upload_set_caps_unlocked (GstGLUpload * upload, GstCaps * in_caps,
gst_video_info_from_caps (&upload->priv->in_info, in_caps);
gst_video_info_from_caps (&upload->priv->out_info, out_caps);
upload->priv->method = NULL;
upload->priv->method_impl = NULL;
upload->priv->method_i = 0;
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