Commit 728a09d4 authored by Nicolas Dufresne's avatar Nicolas Dufresne Committed by Tim-Philipp Müller

glimagesink: Don't call set_property helper in get_property

parent 1dfd9963
...@@ -893,7 +893,6 @@ gst_glimage_sink_get_property (GObject * object, guint prop_id, ...@@ -893,7 +893,6 @@ gst_glimage_sink_get_property (GObject * object, guint prop_id,
g_value_set_enum (value, glimage_sink->mview_downmix_mode); g_value_set_enum (value, glimage_sink->mview_downmix_mode);
break; break;
default: default:
if (!gst_video_overlay_set_property (object, PROP_LAST, prop_id, value))
G_OBJECT_WARN_INVALID_PROPERTY_ID (object, prop_id, pspec); G_OBJECT_WARN_INVALID_PROPERTY_ID (object, prop_id, pspec);
break; break;
} }
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