Commit 6f5c9db1 authored by Edward Hervey's avatar Edward Hervey 🤘 Committed by Tim-Philipp Müller
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id3v2: re-fix handling of v2.4 extended headers

The various id3v2 specs handle the extended header sizes differently
(because hey, it wouldn't be fun otherwise). states:
"Where the 'Extended header size', currently 6 or 10 bytes, excludes
 itself." states:
  Extended header size   4 * %0xxxxxxx
     Number of flag bytes       $01
     Extended Flags             $xx

   Where the 'Extended header size' is the size of the whole extended
   header, stored as a 32 bit synchsafe integer. An extended header can
   thus never have a size of fewer than six bytes.

So in id3v2.4.0 it's the *whole* extended header size (a-la ISOBMFF
atom), whereas in id3v2.3.0 it's the extended header size *excluding*
those 4 initial bytes.

And for other versions, god knows..

Fixes regression introduced in commit da607005.
parent 10835e99
......@@ -447,8 +447,30 @@ id3v2_frames_to_tag_list (ID3TagsWorking * work, guint size)
/* Extended header if present */
if (work->hdr.flags & ID3V2_HDR_FLAG_EXTHDR) {
work->hdr.ext_hdr_size = id3v2_read_synch_uint (work->hdr.frame_data, 4);
/* In id3v2.4.x the header size is the size of the *whole*
* extended header.
* In id3v2.3.x the header size does *not* include itself.
* In older versions it's undefined but let's assume it follow 2.3.x
switch (ID3V2_VER_MAJOR (work->hdr.version)) {
case 0:
case 1:
case 2:
case 3:
work->hdr.ext_hdr_size += 4;
case 4:
("Don't know how to handled Extended Header for this id3 version");
GST_LOG ("extended header size %d", work->hdr.ext_hdr_size);
if (work->hdr.ext_hdr_size < 6 ||
(work->hdr.ext_hdr_size + 4) > work->hdr.frame_data_size) {
work->hdr.ext_hdr_size > work->hdr.frame_data_size) {
GST_DEBUG ("Invalid extended header. Broken tag");
return FALSE;
......@@ -458,10 +480,9 @@ id3v2_frames_to_tag_list (ID3TagsWorking * work, guint size)
("Tag claims extended header, but doesn't have enough bytes. Broken tag");
return FALSE;
work->hdr.ext_flag_data = work->hdr.frame_data + 5;
work->hdr.frame_data += work->hdr.ext_hdr_size + 4;
work->hdr.frame_data_size -= work->hdr.ext_hdr_size + 4;
work->hdr.frame_data += work->hdr.ext_hdr_size;
work->hdr.frame_data_size -= work->hdr.ext_hdr_size;
frame_hdr_size = id3v2_frame_hdr_size (work->hdr.version);
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