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    nvdec,nvenc: Port to dynamic library loading · c18fda03
    Seungha Yang authored
    ... and put them into new nvcodec plugin.
    * nvcodec plugin
    Now each nvenc and nvdec element is moved to be a part of nvcodec plugin
    for better interoperability.
    Additionally, cuda runtime API header dependencies
    (i.e., cuda_runtime_api.h and cuda_gl_interop.h) are removed.
    Note that cuda runtime APIs have prefix "cuda". Since 1.16 release with
    Windows support, only "cuda.h" and "cudaGL.h" dependent symbols have
    been used except for some defined types. However, those types could be
    replaced with other types which were defined by "cuda.h".
    * dynamic library loading
    CUDA library will be opened with g_module_open() instead of build-time linking.
    On Windows, nvcuda.dll is installed to system path by CUDA Toolkit
    installer, and on *nix, user should ensure that libcuda.so.1 can be
    loadable (i.e., via LD_LIBRARY_PATH or default dlopen path)
    Therefore, NVIDIA_VIDEO_CODEC_SDK_PATH env build time dependency for Windows
    is removed.
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