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    rist: Add a plugin implenting RIST TR-06-1 Simple Profile · f0d04b39
    Nicolas Dufresne authored
    RIST TR-06-1 is a specification for video streaming made by the VSF
    group. It is using a subset of RTP specification to which some
    modification has been made to improve RTX behaviour and avoid any need
    for signaling. The plugin implement ristrtxsend / ristrtxreceive element
    which are the RIST specific equivalent of rtprtxsend/rtprtxreceive and
    ristsink / ristsrc which implement rist transmitter and receiver. The
    RIST protocol is meant to be used in unidirectional way. Typically, MPEG
    TS over RTP is used.
    Currently we support unicast and multicast streaming according to the
    specification. This patch does not include any bonding support yet. The
    ristsrc element introduce rist:// URI handling in parallel to it's
    property configuration interface.
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