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    • Sebastian Dröge's avatar
      timecodestamper: Add support for linear timecode (LTC) from an audio stream · 6ea45572
      Sebastian Dröge authored
      Based on a patch by
        Georg Lippitsch <glippitsch@toolsonair.com>
        Vivia Nikolaidou <vivia@toolsonair.com>
      Using libltc from https://github.com/x42/libltc
    • Sebastian Dröge's avatar
      timecodestamper: Rewrite element API and code flow · 678064d6
      Sebastian Dröge authored
      We now have a single property to select the timecode source that should
      be applied, and for each timecode source the timecode is updated at
      every frame. Then based on a set mode, the timecode is added to the
      frame if none exists already or all existing timecodes are removed and
      the timecode is added.
      In addition the real-time clock is considered a proper timecode source
      now instead of only allowing to initialize once in the beginning with
      it, and also instead of just taking the current time we now take the
      current time at the clock time of the video frame.
  7. 04 Jul, 2019 4 commits
    • Mathieu Duponchelle's avatar
      tsmux: output smoothly increasing PTS when in CBR mode · 9996ae9a
      Mathieu Duponchelle authored
      Thanks to that, when its output is plugged into eg a udp sink, the
      outgoing data can be output in a smoother way, reducing burstiness
    • Jan Schmidt's avatar
      h264parse lib: Remove the SPS parse_vui_params flag · 8899a471
      Jan Schmidt authored
      The SPS parsing functions take a parse_vui_param flag
      to skip VUI parsing, but there's no indication in the output
      SPS struct that the VUI was skipped.
      The only caller that ever passed FALSE seems to be the
      important gst_h264_parser_parse_nal() function, meaning - so the
      cached SPS were always silently invalid. That needs changing
      anyway, meaning noone ever passes FALSE.
      I don't see any use for saving a few microseconds in
      order to silently produce garbage, and since this is still
      unstable API, let's remove the parse_vui_param.
    • Seungha Yang's avatar
      tsmuxstream: Do not try return from void function · 1c99c375
      Seungha Yang authored
      ../subprojects/gst-plugins-bad/gst/mpegtsmux/tsmux/tsmuxstream.c(1082): warning C4098:
        'tsmux_stream_get_es_descrs': 'void' function returning a value
    • Seungha Yang's avatar
      mpegtsmux: Remove white space · 00b2b599
      Seungha Yang authored
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    • OleksandrKvl's avatar
      irtspparse: handle multiple and incomplete frames · 9a39ba6a
      OleksandrKvl authored
      Interleaved frames can be fragmented between
      incoming frames. Thus, we can have multiple
      frames within the single input frame, as well as
      incomplete frame. Now it preserves parsing
      state and handle both situations.
      Fixes #991
  10. 26 Jun, 2019 1 commit
    • Seungha Yang's avatar
      rtp: Fix incompatible type build warning · be25c988
      Seungha Yang authored
      Use GstURIType instead of guint
          warning C4133: '=': incompatible types ...
          warning C4133: '=': incompatible types ...
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    • Seungha Yang's avatar
      h265parse: Don't miss constraint indicator flags in codec data · 6843b663
      Seungha Yang authored
      Set more unhandled flags to general_constraint_indicator_flags field.
      The field is required for building "Codecs" parameter as defined
      ISO/IEC 14496-15 Annex E. The resulting "Codecs" string might be used
      in various places (e.g., HLS/DASH manifest, browser, player, etc)
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    • Marc Leeman's avatar
      rtpmanagerbad: add RTP streaming elements · 3ef73760
      Marc Leeman authored
      This is a re-implementation of the RTP elements that are submitted in
      2013 to handle RTP streams. The elements handle a correct connection
      for the bi-directional use of the RTCP sockets.
      The rtpsink and rtpsrc elements add an URI interface so that streams
      can be decoded with decodebin using the rtp:// interface.
      The code can be used as follows
      gst-launch-1.0 videotestsrc ! x264enc ! rtph264pay config-interval=3 ! rtpsink uri=rtp://
      gst-launch-1.0 videotestsrc ! x264enc ! rtph264pay config-interval=1 ! rtpsink uri=rtp://
      gst-launch-1.0 rtpsrc uri=rtp:// ! rtph264depay ! avdec_h264 ! videoconvert ! xvimagesink
      gst-launch-1.0 videotestsrc ! avenc_mpeg4 ! rtpmp4vpay config-interval=1 ! rtpsink uri=rtp://
      gst-launch-1.0 rtpsrc uri=rtp:// ! rtpmp4vdepay ! avdec_mpeg4 ! videoconvert ! xvimagesink
      rtpmanagerbad: add pkg-config
      rtpmanagerbad: Rtp should be uppercase
      rtpmanagerbad: add G_OS_WIN32 for shielding unix headers
      rtpmanagerbad: remove Since from documentation
      rtpmanagerbad: rename lib name from nrtp to rtpmanagerbad
      rtpmanagerbad: sync meson.build with other modules
      rtpmanagerbad: add Makefile.am
      rtpmanagerbad: use GstElement to count pads
      rtpmanagerbad: use gst_bin_set_suppressed_flags
      rtpmanagerbad: check element creation
      rtpmanagerbad: post message when trying to access missing rtpbin
      rtpmanagerbad: return FALSE with g_return tests
      rtpmanagerbad: use gsocket multicast check
      rtpmanagerbad: use gst_caps_new_empty_simple iso gst_caps_from_string
      rtpmanagerbad: sync with gstrtppayloads.h
      rtpmanagerbad: correct media type X-GST
      rtpmanagerbad: test if a compatible pad was found
      rtpmanagerbad: remove evil copy of GstRTPPayloadInfo
      rtpmanagerbad: add gio_dep to meson
      rtpmanagerbad: revert to old glib boilerplate
      GStreamer 1.16 does not yet support the newer GLib templates, so revert.
      rtpmanagerbad: return GST_STATE_CHANGE_NO_PREROLL for live sources
      for live sources, NO_PREROLL should be returned for PLAYING->PAUSED and
      READY->PAUSED transitions.
      rtpmanagerbad: use GstElement pad counting
      rtpmanagerbad: just use template name to request pad
      rtpmanagerbad: remove commented code
      rtpmanagerbad: use funnel to send multiple streams on one socket
      rtpmanagerbad: avoid beaches
      beaches should only be used during the summer, so rewrite the code to
      return explicitly and avoid beaches during the winter.
      rtpmanagerbad: add copyright to test code
      rtpmanagerbad: g_free is NULL safe
      rtpmanagerbad: do not trace rtpbin
      rtpmanagerbad: return NULL explitly
      rtpmanagerbad: warn when data port is not even
      According to RFC 3550, RTP data should be sent on even ports, while RTCP
      is sent on the following odd port.
      rtpmanagerbad: document port allocation in rtpsink/src
      rtpmanagerbad: improve uri description
      rtpmanagerbad: add comment re-use socket
      rtpmanagerbad: rename gst_object_set_properties_from_uri_query
      rtpmanagerbad: loan prop/val setter from rist
      rtpmanagerbad: rtpsrc: fix unitialised pointer
      rtpmanagerbad: fix silly typo
      rtpmanagerbad: test for empty key/value
      rtpmanagerbad: rtpsrc: deprecate ssrc collision to INFO
      rtpmanagerbad: sync debug with rist
      rtpmanagerbad: small strings allocated on stack
      rtpmanagerbad: correct rename
      rtpmanagerbad: add locking on prop setters/getters
      Locking is added because the URI allows to access the properties too.
      rtpmanagerbad: allow for RTCP through NAT
      rtpmanagerbad: move gio to header file
      rtpmanagerbad: free small strings too
      rtpmanagerbad: ttl_mc for ttl on dynudpsink
      rtpmanagerbad: add comments on the URI registered
      rtpmanagerbad: correct macro after file rename
      rtpmanagerbad: code style
      rtpmanagerbad: handle wrong URIs in setter
      rtpmanagerbad: nit URI notation correction
      In an URI, the first key/value pair should not have an ampersand, the
      parser did not die though.
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