Commit c9faf0d6 authored by Hyunjun Ko's avatar Hyunjun Ko Committed by Sreerenj Balachandran

msdk: manage child sessions on parent GstMsdkContext

Sometimes parent context is released before its children get released.
In this case MFXClose of parent session fails.

To make sure that child sessions are closed before closing a parent
Parent context needs to manage child sessions and close them first when
it's released.
parent 37ef6158
......@@ -59,6 +59,7 @@ struct _GstMsdkContextPrivate
GstMsdkContextJobType job_type;
gint shared_async_depth;
GMutex mutex;
GList *child_session_list;
#ifndef _WIN32
gint fd;
VADisplay dpy;
......@@ -213,16 +214,29 @@ gst_msdk_context_init (GstMsdkContext * context)
g_mutex_init (&priv->mutex);
static void
release_child_session (gpointer session)
mfxStatus status;
mfxSession _session = session;
status = MFXDisjoinSession (_session);
if (status != MFX_ERR_NONE)
GST_WARNING ("failed to disjoin (%s)", msdk_status_to_string (status));
msdk_close_session (_session);
static void
gst_msdk_context_finalize (GObject * obj)
GstMsdkContext *context = GST_MSDK_CONTEXT_CAST (obj);
GstMsdkContextPrivate *priv = context->priv;
if (priv->is_joined) {
MFXDisjoinSession (priv->session);
/* child sessions will be closed when the parent session is closed */
if (priv->is_joined)
goto done;
g_list_free_full (priv->child_session_list, release_child_session);
msdk_close_session (priv->session);
g_mutex_clear (&priv->mutex);
......@@ -284,6 +298,8 @@ gst_msdk_context_new_with_parent (GstMsdkContext * parent)
priv->is_joined = TRUE;
priv->hardware = parent_priv->hardware;
priv->job_type = parent_priv->job_type;
parent_priv->child_session_list =
g_list_prepend (parent_priv->child_session_list, priv->session);
#ifndef _WIN32
priv->dpy = parent_priv->dpy;
priv->fd = parent_priv->fd;
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