Commit 979daea7 authored by Matthew Waters's avatar Matthew Waters 🍧

tests/webrtc: fix racy test with a prenegotiated data channel

If both data channels become ready simultaneously, then the two integer
read-add-update cycles can execute concurrently and only ever increment
once instead of the required twice.  Use an atomic add instead.
parent be011d20
......@@ -75,8 +75,9 @@ struct _GstWebRTCDataChannelClass
void gst_webrtc_data_channel_start_negotiation (GstWebRTCDataChannel *channel);
void gst_webrtc_data_channel_set_sctp_transport (GstWebRTCDataChannel *channel,
GstWebRTCSCTPTransport *sctp);
void gst_webrtc_data_channel_link_to_sctp (GstWebRTCDataChannel *channel,
GstWebRTCSCTPTransport *sctp_transport);
......@@ -1899,8 +1899,9 @@ _on_ready_state_notify (GObject * channel, GParamSpec * pspec,
g_object_get (channel, "ready-state", &ready_state, NULL);
if (++(*n_ready) >= 2)
if (g_atomic_int_add (n_ready, 1) >= 1) {
test_webrtc_signal_state (t, STATE_CUSTOM);
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