Commit 840e1c52 authored by Tim-Philipp Müller's avatar Tim-Philipp Müller

build: build plugins and examples in parallel where possible, if make -jN is used

parent 901af6cf
common @ fdf023d0
Subproject commit c1d07dd16cdb95e2cc83ced327d33cebab0fcf3d
Subproject commit fdf023d098bba16d6d13395b8347686f2a2765a2
......@@ -476,3 +476,5 @@ DIST_SUBDIRS = \
timidity \
xvid \
include $(top_srcdir)/common/parallel-subdirs.mak
include $(top_srcdir)/common/parallel-subdirs.mak
DIST_SUBDIRS = acmenc acmmp3dec directdraw directsound dvb fbdev dshowdecwrapper dshowsrcwrapper dshowvideosink \
oss4 osxvideo qtwrapper vcd vdpau wasapi wininet winks winscreencap
include $(top_srcdir)/common/parallel-subdirs.mak
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