Commit 7820109b authored by Haihao Xiang's avatar Haihao Xiang

ivfparse: Check the data size against IVF_FRAME_HEADER_SIZE

It is parsing frame data and so should check the data size against the
frame header size instead of the file header size. If don't, it is
possible to drop the last frame because IVF_FILE_HEADER_SIZE is greater
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......@@ -299,7 +299,7 @@ gst_ivf_parse_handle_frame_data (GstIvfParse * ivf, GstBaseParseFrame * frame,
GstBuffer *out_buffer;
gst_buffer_map (buffer, &map, GST_MAP_READ);
if (map.size >= IVF_FILE_HEADER_SIZE) {
if (map.size >= IVF_FRAME_HEADER_SIZE) {
guint32 frame_size = GST_READ_UINT32_LE (;
guint64 frame_pts = GST_READ_UINT64_LE ( + 4);
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