Commit 41283361 authored by Edward Hervey's avatar Edward Hervey 🤘 Committed by Edward Hervey

decklinkvideosrc: Fix previous commit

The frames queue might return nothing (be empty) if we're flushing.

Move the assertion to after the flushing check
parent d7b7d9de
......@@ -550,14 +550,16 @@ gst_decklink_video_src_create (GstPushSrc * bsrc, GstBuffer ** buffer)
f = (CaptureFrame *) g_queue_pop_head (&self->current_frames);
g_mutex_unlock (&self->lock);
g_assert (f != NULL);
if (self->flushing) {
capture_frame_free (f);
if (f)
capture_frame_free (f);
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (self, "Flushing");
// If we're not flushing, we should have a valid frame from the queue
g_assert (f != NULL);
g_mutex_lock (&self->lock);
if (self->caps_mode != f->mode) {
if (self->mode == GST_DECKLINK_MODE_AUTO) {
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