Commit 2b443920 authored by Seungha Yang's avatar Seungha Yang Committed by Sebastian Dröge

dashdemux: Fix leak in gst_dash_demux_stream_free

Free parsed moof and sync samples with _stream_free().
parent 7c64ea48
......@@ -2676,6 +2676,10 @@ gst_dash_demux_stream_free (GstAdaptiveDemuxStream * stream)
g_object_unref (dash_stream->sidx_adapter);
if (dash_stream->isobmff_adapter)
g_object_unref (dash_stream->isobmff_adapter);
if (dash_stream->moof)
gst_isoff_moof_box_free (dash_stream->moof);
if (dash_stream->moof_sync_samples)
g_array_free (dash_stream->moof_sync_samples, TRUE);
static GstDashDemuxClockDrift *
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