Commit 22456ce0 authored by Athanasios Oikonomou's avatar Athanasios Oikonomou Committed by Sebastian Dröge

hlsdemux: select correct position for live streams that don't remove fragments

Some live streams (eg youtube) don't remove fragments in order to allow
seeking back in time (live + vod).

When gst_m3u8_client_has_next_fragment is called, we are getting wrong fragment
because current_file points in first file of the fragments list resulting in
watching the stream from the beginning again.

This patch sets current_file to nth fragment for live streams, then on
gst_m3u8_client_has_next_fragment will keep up with the live stream.
parent ae6f4a26
......@@ -853,17 +853,16 @@ gst_m3u8_client_update (GstM3U8Client * self, gchar * data)
if (m3u8->files && self->sequence == -1) {
self->current_file = g_list_first (m3u8->files);
if (GST_M3U8_CLIENT_IS_LIVE (self)) {
/* for live streams, start GST_M3U8_LIVE_MIN_FRAGMENT_DISTANCE from
the end of the playlist. See section 6.3.3 of HLS draft */
gint pos =
g_list_length (m3u8->files) - GST_M3U8_LIVE_MIN_FRAGMENT_DISTANCE;
self->sequence =
GST_M3U8_MEDIA_FILE (g_list_nth_data (m3u8->files,
pos >= 0 ? pos : 0))->sequence;
} else
self->sequence = GST_M3U8_MEDIA_FILE (self->current_file->data)->sequence;
self->current_file = g_list_nth (m3u8->files, pos >= 0 ? pos : 0);
} else {
self->current_file = g_list_first (m3u8->files);
self->sequence = GST_M3U8_MEDIA_FILE (self->current_file->data)->sequence;
self->sequence_position = 0;
GST_DEBUG ("Setting first sequence at %u", (guint) self->sequence);
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