Commit 1465a7ec authored by Roman Shpuntov's avatar Roman Shpuntov

androidmedia: added path /system/vendor/etc to dependency

parent 11a2df46
Pipeline #34884 passed with stages
in 46 minutes and 19 seconds
...@@ -3335,8 +3335,8 @@ amc_init (GstPlugin * plugin) ...@@ -3335,8 +3335,8 @@ amc_init (GstPlugin * plugin)
{ {
const gchar *ignore; const gchar *ignore;
gst_plugin_add_dependency_simple (plugin, NULL, "/etc", "media_codecs.xml", gst_plugin_add_dependency_simple (plugin, NULL, "/etc:/system/vendor/etc",
gst_amc_codec_info_quark = g_quark_from_static_string ("gst-amc-codec-info"); gst_amc_codec_info_quark = g_quark_from_static_string ("gst-amc-codec-info");
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