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    msdkdec: make sure mfx frame width/height meets MSDK's requirement · 20f61db2
    Haihao Xiang authored
    It is possible that the output region size (e.g. 192x144) is different
    from the coded picture size (e.g. 192x256). We may adjust the alignment
    parameters so that the padding is respected in GstVideoInfo and use
    GstVideoInfo to calculate mfx frame width and height
    This fixes the error below when decoding a stream which has different
    output region size and coded picture size
    0:00:00.057726900 28634 0x55df6c3220a0 ERROR                msdkdec
    DecodeFrameAsync failed (failed to allocate memory)
    Sample pipeline:
    gst-launch-1.0 filesrc location=output.h265 ! h265parse ! msdkh265dec !
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