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    msdk:dec: Add new propery to dump frames in decoded order · 54482a54
    Sreerenj Balachandran authored
    The new property "output-order" can be set to either "display" order
    which is the default where frames will be outputting in display order,
    or "decoded-order" which will be outputting the frames in decoded order.
    The "decoded order" output is generally useful for debugging. But there
    are few
    customers who use it for low-latency streaming. For eg if the customer
    already knows that the stream doesn't have b-frames (which means no
    algorithm requires for display order calculation), then they can use
    output to skip some of the DPB logic to avoid the frame accumulation at
    The root cause of the above issue is a bit of unclarity in h264 spec +
    lazy implementation of many H264 encoders; This is well handled in
    gstreamer-vaapi using "low-latency" property:
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