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    • Michael Olbrich's avatar
      wlvideoformat: fix typo in the format list · 76411205
      Michael Olbrich authored
      DRM_FORMAT_ARGB8888 was actually used twice in the list for different SHM /
      Gstreamer formats. In this case DRM_FORMAT_ABGR8888 is the correct format.
      Part-of: <!1382>
    • Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal's avatar
      va: VA-API H.264 decoder and infrastructure · 79d11c20
      Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal authored
      New plugin with an element for H.264 decoding with VA-API. This novel
      approach, different from gstreamer-vaapi, uses gstcodecs library for
      state handling.
      The code is expected to looks cleaner because it uses VA-API without
      further layers or wrappers.
      * It uses the first supported DRM device as default VA display (other
        displays will be supported through user's GstContext)
      * Requires libva >= 1.6
      * No multiview/stereo profiles neither interlaced streams because
        gstcodecs doesn't handle them yet
      * It is incompatible with gstreamer-vaapi
      * Even if memory:VAMemory is exposed, it is not handled yet by any
        other element
      * Caps templates are generated dynamically querying VAAPI, but YV12
        and I420 are added for system memory caps because they seem to be
        supported for all the drivers when downloading frames onto main
        memory, as they are used by xvimagesink and others, avoiding color
      * Surfaces aren't bounded to context, so they can grow beyond the DBP
        size, allowing smooth reverse playback.
      * There isn't yet error handling and recovery.
      * 10-bit H.264 streams aren't supported by libva.
      Part-of: <!1379>
  6. 27 Jun, 2020 1 commit
    • Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal's avatar
      codecs: h264decoder: update max_dpb_frames only if VUI is present · 9ff332e1
      Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal authored
      There are some streams, with HRD, where the the calculated
      max_dpb_frames is zero (max_dpb_mbs is less than size mb). In order to
      get the dbp size it is required to rely on the VUI parameters if they
      are present.
      According to the spec Annex E.2.1
      **max_dec_frame_buffering** specifies the required size of the HRD
      decoded picture buffer (DPB) in units of frame buffers.  It is a
      requirement of bitstream conformance that the coded video sequence
      shall not require a decoded picture buffer with size of more than
      Max(1, max_dec_frame_buffering) frame buffers to enable the output of
      decoded pictures at the output times specified by dpb_output_delay of
      the picture timing SEI messages. The value of max_dec_frame_buffering
      shall be greater than or equal to max_num_ref_frames. An upper bound
      for the value of max_dec_frame_buffering is specified by the level
      limits in clauses A.3.1, A.3.2, G.10.2.1, and H.10.2.
      When the max_dec_frame_buffering syntax element is not present, the
      value of max_dec_frame_buffering shall be inferred as follows:
      – If profile_idc is equal to 44, 86, 100, 110, 122, or 244 and
      constraint_set3_flag is equal to 1, the value of
      max_dec_frame_buffering shall be inferred to be equal to 0.
      – Otherwise (profile_idc is not equal to 44, 86, 100, 110, 122, or 244
      or constraint_set3_flag is equal to 0), the value of
      max_dec_frame_buffering shall be inferred to be equal to MaxDpbFrames.
      Part-of: <!1381>
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