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      mpegtsdemux: Handle private section streams · 1c96c79b
      Edward Hervey authored
      Until now we simply ignored those streams (since we couldn't do anything
      with it anyway). Now that we have the mpegts library and we offload the
      section handling to the application side we can properly identify and
      extract them.
      By default it is disabled for tsparse and enabled for tsdemux, but there is
      a property to change that.
      This should open the way to properly handle all private section streams,
      * DSM-CC
      * MHEG
      * Carousel data
      * Metadata streams (though I haven't seen any of those in the wild)
      * ... And all other specs/protocols making use of those
      Partially fixes #560631
    • Edward Hervey's avatar
      mpegts: Properly handle UTC time in sections · 057d2481
      Edward Hervey authored
      * don't unref inexistant GstDateTime
      * Fine-tune hour/min/sec BCD reading code
      * Update example code accordingly
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      examples: Registration descriptor support · b4e22617
      Edward Hervey authored
      And output the length of the descriptors
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      mpegts: Fix NIT parsing · d95bb488
      Edward Hervey authored
      The size checks were wrong. The smallest size for a NIT is 16 bytes
      (12 for the smallest content + 4 for crc) and the smallest size for
      a inner stream loop is 6 bytes (without any descriptors).
      Also remove FIXME that has already moved elsewhere
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      mpegtsdemux: Handle registration descriptor for programs and streams · a3b6b1a9
      Edward Hervey authored
      * Allows us to simplify some code and prepare for future cleanups.
      * Remove useless casts
      * Add some FIXME regarding VC1
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