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      wrappercamerabinsrc: Rework cropping for zoom and dimension reduction · c6f4e4cf
      Thiago Santos authored
      wrappercamerabinsrc has a videocrop element to be used for
      zooming and for cropping when input caps is different when used
      with the GstPhotography interface. The zooming part needs
      the following elements:
      capsfilter ! videocrop ! videoscale ! capsfilter
      The capsfilters should always have the same caps to ensure the
      zooming is done and preserves dimensions, unless when it is needed
      to do more cropping due to input dimensions those caps
      need to be modified accordingly to preserve the output dimensions.
      This, however, makes it hard to get caps negotiation to work properly
      as we need to have different caps in the capsfilters to account for
      the extra cropping needed. It could be simple for fixed caps but it
      gets tricky with unfixed ones.
      To solve this, this patch splits the zooming and dimension reduction
      cropping into 2 separate videocrop elements. The first one does
      the dimension cropping, which is only needed when the GstPhotography
      API is used and the source provides a caps that is different than
      what is requested, while the second is dedicated to zoom crop only.
      The first part of the pipeline goes from:
      src ! videoconvert ! capsfilter ! videocrop ! videoscale ! capsfilter
      src ! videocrop ! videoconvert ! capsfilter ! videocrop ! videoscale ! capsfilter
      It might add an extra overhead in the image capture as the image might need
      to be cropped twice but this can be solved by enabling videocrop to use
      crop metas so only the later one does the real cropping.
      It also makes the code a bit simpler.
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      wrappercamerabinsrc: remove obsolete comment · 524e536a
      Thiago Santos authored
      This is already handled in another place and doesn't make sense
      in the function context anymore
    • Thiago Santos's avatar
      wrappercamerabinsrc: error out if source fails to prepare for capture · 7b834cb0
      Thiago Santos authored
      Post an error when preparing the image capture through photography
      interface fails
    • Thiago Santos's avatar
      wrappercamerabinsrc: intersect instead of compare for equality · 0c04f2f0
      Thiago Santos authored
      Intersect is enough to check if the requested caps are compatible
      with what the source is going to provide. Equality will be too strict.
    • Thiago Santos's avatar
      wrappercamerabinsrc: fix typo · af1dda2e
      Thiago Santos authored
    • Luis de Bethencourt's avatar
      remove unused enum items PROP_LAST · c944093d
      Luis de Bethencourt authored
      This were probably added to the enums due to cargo cult programming and are
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