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    • Julien Isorce's avatar
      eglglessink: change pool->sink->last_buffer to pool->last_buffer · 3a848752
      Julien Isorce authored
      So that GstEGLImageBufferPool does not depend on GstEglGlesSink
      The goal is still to move it into gstegl lib
    • Julien Isorce's avatar
      eglglessink: buffer pool does not need to maintain a ref on the display · fdaa26e1
      Julien Isorce authored
      Because it does not use it and also it may not know it when
      we create the pool
    • Julien Isorce's avatar
      eglglessink: add GstEGLImageBufferPoolSendBlockingAllocate callback · d16583d7
      Julien Isorce authored
      The goal here is to prepare GstEGLBufferPool to be moved into
      gstegl lib. So it has to not depend on 'gst_eglglessink_queue_object'
    • Julien Isorce's avatar
      eglglessink: prepare gst_egl_adaptation_allocate_eglimage to be moved · c0ca9bc4
      Julien Isorce authored
      into gstegl lib or splited between gstegl lib and gstgl lib
      because it both depends on egl and gl
      So it has to not depend on GstEglAdaptationContext
    • Alex Ashley's avatar
      h264parse: Add support for stream-format=avc3 · 31d1c058
      Alex Ashley authored
      When outputting in AVC3 stream format, the codec_data should not
      contain any SPS or PPS, because they are embedded inside the stream.
      In case of avc->bytestream h264parse will push the SPS and PPS from
      codec_data downstream at the start of the stream, at intervals
      controlled by "config-interval" and when there is a codec_data change.
      In the case of avc3->bytstream h264parse detects that there is
      already SPS/PPS in the stream and sets h264parse->push_codec to FALSE.
      Therefore avc3->bytstream was already supported, except for the stream
      In the case of bystream->avc h264parse will generate codec_data caps
      from the parsed SPS/PPS in the stream. However it does not remove these
      SPS/PPS from the stream. bytestream->avc3 is the same as bytestream->avc
      except that the codec_data must not have any SPS/PPS in it.
      |stream-format | SPS in-band | SPS in codec_data |
      | avc          | maybe       | always            |
      | avc3         | always      | never             |
      Amendment 2 of ISO/IEC 14496-15 (AVC file format) is defining a new
      structure for fragmented MP4 called "avc3". The principal difference
      between AVC1 and AVC3 is the location of the codec initialisation
      data (e.g. SPS, PPS). In AVC1 this data is placed in the initial MOOV box
      (moov.trak.mdia.minf.stbl.stsd.avc1) but in AVC3 this data goes in the
      first sample of every fragment.
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