msdkdec: explain the the extra ref of input buffer

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......@@ -878,6 +878,13 @@ gst_msdkdec_handle_frame (GstVideoDecoder * decoder, GstVideoCodecFrame * frame)
/* Current frame-codec could be pushed and released before this
* function ends -- because msdkdec pushes the oldest frame,
* according its PTS, and it could be this very same frame-codec
* among others pending frame-codecs.
* Instead of copying the input data into the mfxBitstream, let's
* keep an extra reference to frame-codec's input buffer */
input_buffer = gst_buffer_ref (frame->input_buffer);
if (!gst_buffer_map (input_buffer, &map_info, GST_MAP_READ)) {
gst_buffer_unref (input_buffer);
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